The People

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Ottawa Social Housing Network is Part of the Constellation

We are part of a constellation of groups connected to affordable housing in Ottawa that includes housing providers, social purpose real estate developers, support service agencies, municipal services, and advocacy organizations.

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We are part of a constellation of groups connected to affordable housing in Ottawa that includes housing providers, support/service agencies, municipal services, and advocacy organizations.

Each planet in this constellation plays an important role in supporting people in need of affordable housing. Together, we beam helpful light for people in need of affordable housing.

The Registry is at the center of this constellation because of our active relationship with all the others.

#1 Government Support Offices

Recipients of the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), Ontario Works, and other benefits are sometimes referred to The Registry to find affordable housing. We often refer folks in need of government benefits to the appropriate office.

#2 Local Support Services

Grassroots groups across Ottawa work around the clock to assist anyone facing housing challenges, like tenants in trouble, people needing help with mental health or addictions, and survivors of gender-based violence. They regularly refer people to The Registry and we regularly send people to them.

#3 Municipal Services

The City of Ottawa has a whole department focused on housing. The City operates two emergency shelters and a rent supplement program. It also manages the social housing sector and helps many social housing groups with funding. The Registry is connected to the City through funding, data sharing, and referrals.

#4 Non-Profit Shelters

Some people apply for subsidized housing while staying in a shelter. Across Ottawa, numerous shelters provide temporary accommodations for families, individuals, survivors of gender-based violence, and youth.

#5 Ottawa Social Housing Network

OSHN unites advocates and providers of affordable housing from across this constellation for professional development and shared services, and to champion solutions to the housing crisis. The Registry is an active part of this network.

All of us connect to the galaxy of 50 Housing Providers across Ottawa that operate rent-geared-to-income housing, below market rent housing, and supportive housing.

Applicants are at the Heart of The Registry

People who apply for subsidized housing in Ottawa are individuals, couples, and families. They come from all backgrounds.

Applicants are single mothers, seniors, and young adults. They represent a diversity of cultures, education, and employment experiences. They were born in Canada. They are newcomers to Canada.

Applicants face various levels of urgency. They are fleeing violence. They are experiencing homelessness. They are people with disabilities and mental health issues and clean bills of health.

What all applicants have in common is that the cost of a home is simply out of reach.

Far more people need an affordable place to live than there are available options. Too many people face a combination of rising housing costs, stagnating incomes or income insecurity, and cost of living challenges. The increasing cost of home ownership means more and more people in Ottawa and across Canada are renting. Rents are going up everywhere.

The supply of subsidized housing is not keeping up with the number of people who need it.

The Team

We are a caring team dedicated to helping people submit and update their applications for subsidized housing in Ottawa.

We have diverse lived experiences (personal and professional) that make us sympathetic to what people applying for subsidized housing go through.

We come from a variety of backgrounds and speak multiple languages.

Roles within our team include supporting applicants, processing applications, assessing applicant priorities, managing databases, communicating with housing providers and the City of Ottawa, engaging with partners and the community, and administration.

Executive director: Jayne Stoyles

Board and Members

Our 11-person board is comprised of people who work on the front lines of the affordable housing sector, representing various types of subsidized housing types and Ottawa neighbourhoods.

Executive Committee:

President: Tom Belanger, Nepean Housing

Vice-President: Jean-Marc Carriere, Ottawa Community Housing

Treasurer: Allan Reesor-McDowell, Matthew House

Secretary: Francisca Bush, Mario De Giovanni Housing Co-operative

Member at Large: Suzanne Le, Multi-faith Non-Profit Housing


  • Ahmad Ally, Muslim Non-Profit Housing
  • Sarah Button, Centretown Citizens of Ottawa Corporation
  • Lisa Medd, Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Jill Sheppard, Kanata Baptist Non-Profit Housing
  • Susan Wolthuizen, Asher Place
  • Emily Teeter , Options Bytown

Board members are elected to two-year positions by The Registry’s membership at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and may be re-elected twice.


Representatives who participate in meetings and affairs of The Registry can be staff or board members of these organizations – all of whom know first-hand the needs and challenges faced by people applying for subsidized housing.

  • Asher Christian Seniors
  • Barrhaven Non-Profit Housing
  • Better Living Co-operative
  • Cardinus Co-operative
  • Carpenter Co-operative
  • Cartier Square Co-operative
  • Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation (C.C.O.C.)
  • Chinese Community Building
  • Communityworks Non-Profit Housing
  • Conservation Co-operative
  • Côté Est Co-operative
  • Cumberland Non-Profit Housing
  • Dalhousie Co-operative
  • Desloges Co-operative
  • Dobbin Co-operative
  • Eagleson Co-operative
  • Ellwood Non-Profit Housing
  • Emily Murphy Non-Profit Housing
  • Glenn Haddrell Co-operative
  • Gloucester Housing Corporation
  • Goulbourn Non-Profit Housing
  • Harmer House
  • Hazeldean Co-operative
  • Kanata Co-operative
  • Kanata Baptist Non-Profit Housing
  • Lao Village Co-operative
  • L.I.U.N.A Non-Profit Housing
  • Mario DeGiovanni Co-operative
  • Muslim Non-Profit Housing
  • Nepean Housing
  • Ottawa Community Housing (O.C.H.)
  • Osgoode Non-Profit Housing
  • Rideau Non-Profit Housing
  • St. Georges Co-operative
  • St. Vladimir’s Russian Residence
  • Serson Clarke Non-Profit Housing
  • Shefford Co-operative
  • Shikun Oz Non-Profit Housing
  • Taiga Non-Profit Housing
  • Tannenhof Co-operative
  • Van Lang Non-Profit Housing
  • Vanier Non-Profit Housing
  • Voisins Co-operative
  • Unity Housing (formerly OCISO Non-Profit Housing)
  • West Carleton Non-Profit Housing
  • Wigwamen
  • Yule Manor Co-operative